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I like to think of the Burning River Boutique as an adoption center for paintings, photos, sculptures & other “Necessary Luxuries” looking for a good home.

We are proud to feature over 50 area Artists, Authors, Jewelers, Painters, Photographers, Potters, Sculptors, and more…

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Come visit us in downtown Vermilion to fall in love with the perfect object d’ art for your house, cottage, boat, or business.

We also pamper your art by providing Gallery Quality Framing Services (Click Here for More Information).

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Custom Gallery Framing Services

If You Love Your Art…Pamper It with Our Custom Framing Services

The Burning River Boutique offers full-service custom framing for your photos, paintings, drawings, posters, handbills, magazine covers, diplomas, maps, and keepsakes.

I am a photographer and I will treat your picture memories as if they were my own.  Together we can select the perfect molding, mat and glass to turn your treasures into lasting works of art to hang in your home, cottage, boat or office.

Our Services Include:

A Wide Selection of High Quality Standard Hardwood Frames In-Stock

Custom Cut Wood and Metal Frames for Any Size Artwork

Dry Mounting on a Variety of Backing Materials, Including Foam Board, Backing Board & Magnets

Large Scale Lamination

Matboard Cutting to Any Size — Square, Rectangle, Oval & Circle

Shadow Box Framing

Repair and Re-Framing Services

Framing Supplies for D.I.Y.

Professional Courtesy Discounts for Artists

Quick Turnaround & Competitive Prices

Contact Lora Mosier to Schedule an Appointment:

(440) 941-1272


Peg New ~ Jewelry Designer



Peg creates unique baubles, from beautiful beaded necklaces, earrings and the like to boot bracelets using silver, brass, and copper in her artwork.

For those who like something a little BOLDER, you may find a few ‘skeletons’ , but not in Peg’s closet – in her creations.  And if you want a little BANG for you buck….some bullet jewelry also!

Peg has designs for both men and for women!

Sharon Martyn ~ Custom Art Glass


Sharon Martyn’s beautiful stained glass creations are embellished with vintage jewelry and/or new baubles.  Her sun catchers adorn the shop and are so beautiful, especially when the sunlight hits them!

“Proud Mother of two. Grandmother of six. Living with the Love of my life. Semi retired & enjoying my free time exploring my glass art. Trying to create all the designs that are blooming in my imagination and just Enjoying the Journey.”

To see more of Sharon’s artwork or to order a custom piece, visit her blogspot




Fire and Ice


This idea came to me from my friend, Joani, who watched her mom do this nifty bit of trickery many times ~

If you just can’t seem to get that stubborn candle nub out from your favorite glass candle holder, just put it in the freezer for about 20 minutes or so….or if you’re like me, a couple days until you remember where you put it after you’ve looked for it for the original 20 minutes.  But I digress.

When you take it out of the freezer, just run a knife around the edge of the candle and it will pop right out!

I do recommend waiting until the glass has come to room temp or run it under hot water before lighting the new candle in it.

Ken Beerbohm ~ Sculptor


IMG_2225 (1)“I was born and raised in Neihart, Montana. Growing up with few possessions, the mountain behind our house became a giant playground full of nature’s wonders from moss covered rocks to spring creeks. My love of what nature could produce was firmly rooted. My family moved to California when I was in my teens and I eventually graduated with a degree in design and industry from San Francisco State University. I then went on to work for a custom plastics company for six years. In 1974 when the company moved,  I realized my true passion was in sculpting. While this was happening, a stream of industrial model-making jobs flowed in and shortly my art career was put on hold in order to tap into more profitable jobs to raise our family.  The Plasticsmith became the company name I would use for the next 33 years. The work served the purpose of putting our kids through college but I could never shake off the “art bug.”

About 10 years ago, I  started carving pieces from wood during the spare time I could find. A few years later, I started sculpting with clay. In 2007 I closed down my business and I now had the freedom to pursue my real calling. I began working with traditional clay pieces, then turned to a 2-part epoxy clay mixed with wood, wire mesh, steel rods and foam. This opened up new dimensions and many odd creatures were born.

I feel fortunate to have the time, and honored to share my works with whomever may enjoy them”.


To see more of Ken’s artwork, visit his website Ken Beerbohm


Ari Eickert ~ Painter

Ari Eickert

Ari Eickert was born and educated in Germany.  As a young man he played
Jazz and his band, the Flower Street Jazzmen, was heard on the radio and in different venues throughout Europe.

After Ari received his degree as a Mechanical Engineer, he emigrated to the United States with $15.00 in his pocket.  He found that it was impossible to play Jazz in New York without being a union member, even in Harlem.

Within a year, Ari was drafted into the U.S. Army.  He then earned a post-graduate degree in Industrial Management and for the next 20 years he worked for various companies in the United States and overseas.  He founded and ran his own manufacturing company until he retired 25 years later.

In retirement, Ari started to play music again and to paint, which had always been a passion throughout his life.  Ari’s preferred media is watercolor and his favorite subjects are related to water and boats or topics from his world-wide travels.

Follow him on FB at Ari Eickert


Jennifer Lee ~ Potter

Jennifer takes inspiration from the lake and beach with her pottery, and even incorporates driftwood into some of her pieces!


“As a graduate of Kent State with a BA in Graphic Design I have worked as a graphic designer for corporations and non-profits for many years. I have always had jobs that require creativity but have decided it is time to get back to my roots of pottery.

When I am not indulging my two fantastic sons and awesome husband, I am playing in the mud to produce my own unique line of ceramics”.

Visit Jennifer Lee Studios for a complete view of Jennifer’s works.

Follow Jennifer on Face Book at Jennifer Lee Studios

Diane Weinmann ~ Author, Animal Communicator



Diane Weinmann has been involved with animals all her life. She is an Animal Communicator, Healing Touch for Animal’s practitioner and Reiki Master. Diane uses interspecies telepathic communication to help our companion animals have a “voice”. Hearing their cries for help, she was drawn to provide comfort in the form of energy healing (Reiki, TTouch, Healing Touch for Animals).

She also uses sound and vibrational healing (tuning forks) and color techniques in her healing practice. Diane is able to bring balance into your pet’s energy systems.

In addition to animal communication, Diane uses Bach Flower essences and essential oils as a holistic method to facilitate emotional healing or to evoke a change in behavior. These healing modalities provide a sense of well-being with your beloved pet.

Please visit Diane’s website The Love Of Animals for more information on her animal communication and healing methods.

Jane Huml ~Children’s Book Author


Summer In Jane’s Garden is a delightful story about a scarecrow who lives in the garden, the plants that grow there, and the creatures that Jane sees.  This book is illustrated by Jane’s sister, Lois Huml Durda who is a professional artist.

Jane Huml is a retired special education teacher.  She was born and raised in Cleveland and went to Cleveland Public Schools, where she later taught.

She lived in Shoreline, CT for over a decade where she worked with special needs adults at a Vocational Life Skills Center called VISTA.

While in Connecticut, Jane walked the beach every day and once again lives within walking distance of the lake in her Bay Village home.