Although my shop space is limited, the talent of area artists is not.  If you are looking for a special piece, get in touch with these folks directly.

If you need an item framed that you’ve purchased from our referral list , bring it in and get a 10% discount.

Gourmet Foods

Alaina Caruso — Website

Angelo Tetorakis — Website

 Graphic Design

Laurel Herbold — Website

Shelly Mayer — Etsy Shop

Susan and Antonella — Etsy Shop


Mary Gellott — Etsy Shop

Chris Keener — Etsy Shop

Marissa Kreutzer — Etsy Shop

Marissa Kreutzer — Facebook Page

Jo Ann Lawrence — Website

Debby Lopata — Website


Aaron Behnk — Website

Alice Hennessy  — Face Book

Shelly Mayer — Etsy Shop

Marge Pauls — Face Book


Organic Dog Treats

Karl and Jennifer Baker — website



Janine Jacobs-Beleski —  Facebook Page

Connaught Cullen —  Website

Colleen Gimben — Etsy Shop

Meg Greenwald — Website

Laurel Herbold — Website



Kevin Klepek — Website

Debby Lopata — Website

Shelly Mayer — Etsy Shop

Marcello Mellino — Website

Lora Mosier — Website



Bette Drake — Facebook Page

Jennifer Lee — Website

Darcy Peacock — Facebook Page



Kevin Beerbohm — Website

Ann Bort — Facebook Page

Deb Coverdale — Facebook Page

Mike Ensminger — website

Peter Shelley — Facebook Page


Stained Glass

Sharon Martyn — blogspot

Sandi Valois — Facebook Page



Deb Coverdale — Facebook Page

Steven Noble — Facebook Page

Peter Shelley — Facebook Page