Ari Eickert ~ Painter

Ari Eickert

Ari Eickert was born and educated in Germany.  As a young man he played
Jazz and his band, the Flower Street Jazzmen, was heard on the radio and in different venues throughout Europe.

After Ari received his degree as a Mechanical Engineer, he emigrated to the United States with $15.00 in his pocket.  He found that it was impossible to play Jazz in New York without being a union member, even in Harlem.

Within a year, Ari was drafted into the U.S. Army.  He then earned a post-graduate degree in Industrial Management and for the next 20 years he worked for various companies in the United States and overseas.  He founded and ran his own manufacturing company until he retired 25 years later.

In retirement, Ari started to play music again and to paint, which had always been a passion throughout his life.  Ari’s preferred media is watercolor and his favorite subjects are related to water and boats or topics from his world-wide travels.

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Eileen Rockwell ~ Painter


For those who don’t have wall space, Eileen has designed wearable artwork; pendants with her original watercolors.

In addition to being an accomplished painter, Eileen also designs jewelry with a nautical theme including mermaids (of course!).