Ken Beerbohm ~ Sculptor


IMG_2225 (1)“I was born and raised in Neihart, Montana. Growing up with few possessions, the mountain behind our house became a giant playground full of nature’s wonders from moss covered rocks to spring creeks. My love of what nature could produce was firmly rooted. My family moved to California when I was in my teens and I eventually graduated with a degree in design and industry from San Francisco State University. I then went on to work for a custom plastics company for six years. In 1974 when the company moved,  I realized my true passion was in sculpting. While this was happening, a stream of industrial model-making jobs flowed in and shortly my art career was put on hold in order to tap into more profitable jobs to raise our family.  The Plasticsmith became the company name I would use for the next 33 years. The work served the purpose of putting our kids through college but I could never shake off the “art bug.”

About 10 years ago, I  started carving pieces from wood during the spare time I could find. A few years later, I started sculpting with clay. In 2007 I closed down my business and I now had the freedom to pursue my real calling. I began working with traditional clay pieces, then turned to a 2-part epoxy clay mixed with wood, wire mesh, steel rods and foam. This opened up new dimensions and many odd creatures were born.

I feel fortunate to have the time, and honored to share my works with whomever may enjoy them”.


To see more of Ken’s artwork, visit his website Ken Beerbohm


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